About Original Stitch Live

Original Stitch Live is our premier service that allows you to co-design a shirt with a professional designer. 

I'm really busy - how long does the session take?
A session usually runs 15-20 minutes.
What do I have to do in my session?
Absolutely, just let your designer know and our team will set it up for you!
When do I have to do my session?
Our stylists are available whenever you are. Your personal designer will contact you by email to determine a time that works best for you!
What's included in the $100 flat rate?
Included in the $100 charge is the live design session, shirt, and shipping. You can pick any fabric, any design, any monogram, for a flat $100! Shipping is free as well. 
How is sizing done?
We offer 3 sizing methods - standard letter sizing, Neck & Sleeve sizing, and full 11 point tailoring. Your designer will work with you to pick the sizing method best for your body type. 
I've already designed my shirts before. What more do I get out of this? 
You get a second opinion and the ability to explore styles you've never considered before. In this regard, it's possible to say that experienced Original Stitch users get the most out of Original Stitch Live.
Who is the designer and why would they be better at matching me? 
We have professional designers and outfitters from America's top fashion schools designing on our behalf. We've found that, in general, people are better at designing things for others than themselves - they're able to look at your body and style holistically. When designing for yourself, you may find yourself a victim of habit instead of working to design something that truly works for you - this is where a professional designer comes in!
Can I get more than 1 shirt?
Absolutely, just let the designer know and she'll get it set up for you. 
How long does it take to ship?
7 business days from end of session.
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