Body vs. Shirt Sizing

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Body Measurement:
When you take your measurements manually using our video guide found here, that sizing is called your "Body Measurement" or "Body Sizing." 

The extra room between your Body Measurement and your Shirt Measurement is known as your "Fit Allowance." The allowance changes depending on the type of fit you like. We use pre-set allowances based on fit type (Super Slim, Slim, Regular, and Relaxed). After your first shirt, you will be able to adjust the sizing of the shirt itself by reordering in "Shirt Sizing".

Shirt Measurement:
This is the actual size of the shirt. If your shirt size was identical to your body size, it would be completely unwearable. Original Stitch takes your body measurement, applies the type of fit you'd like (Super Slim, Slim, Regular, and Relaxed) and generates what is known as the "Shirt Sizing." All repeat orders are placed in "Shirt Sizing."

Another way to think about it is:


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