Refund Policy

Here at Original Stitch, your satisfaction is key. We offer a full refund policy and a free remake policy. To request a refund and acquire return instructions, please write to

We can only offer one shirt refund per account - new customers should not order multiple shirts until they're completely satisfied with their last received shirt. If you ordered a remake and asked for a refund after receiving the remake, please send the remake to our office as well as the original shirt. We donate the received shirts to charity. It may take up to a week after receipt to process your refund. We cannot reimburse you for the shipping cost. We can only offer a refund up to 30 days from the receipt of your shirt or remake. The maximum length of time from purchase that we can refund you is determined by your cardholder.

If you're satisfied with the build of the shirt, but not the fit, we hope that you try for a remake before asking for a refund. We offer a free remake for new customers within 30 days with free shipping, you get to keep your original shirt after ordering a remake. Please click here to learn more.

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