How do I get a free remake?

We will provide you with a free remake using our community-friendly process.

To qualify for a remake, your adjustments must meet at least one of the requirements:

  1. neck: +/- 1cm or 1 inch
  2. sleeve: +/- 2cm or 1.5 inches
  3. chest: +/- 3cm or 4 inches
  4. waist: +/- 3cm or 4 inches
  5. hip: +/- 3cm or 4 inches
  6. shirt length: +/- 3cm or 3 inches
  7. shoulder: +/- 2cm or 1.5 inches
  8. bicep: +/- 2cm or 1.5 inches
  9. cuff: +/- 1cm or 1 inch


To request a free remake, simply go to and click on the shirt then choose "Request Free Remake."


Style Issues:

Please note we do not grant remakes for any type of style issue, this is a user choice so, therefore, we only grant remakes that meet within the measurement requirements or if there is a fabric issue/factory mistake. Please see the following details bulleted below in regards to determining whether your shirt issue is considered a style issue.

  • Choice of Collar
  • Choice of Cuffs
  • Choice of Monogram Style
  • Choice of Buttons


Requests based on fabric will be approved only if the issue is related to factory defect.




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