Free remake Service

Service that allows you to adjust the size for free if the size does not match.

 Applicable brands
・All of our products are eligible for the first-time free remake.

Free remake policy
・Please apply for free remake from the purchase history within 60 days after the product arrives.
※Customers who have purchased shirts other than Original Stitch,Please contact us directly to the following email

・For customers purchased after April 1, 2020.

・All our products are eligible.

・Only for the first purchase, can do the remake all purchases.

・In the case of tailoring, you will need to return the shirt.Please note that shipping costs will be borne by the customer.

・If we maintain multiple accounts and determine that they are the same person, only one account will be eligible.

・There is a minimum standard for size assurance.Please check out for details here.

・Due to the customer's convenience
(the image is different from what I thought, the order was wrong, etc.)
No guarantees, returns, or exchanges are accepted.

If you have any questions about free tailoring, please contact us at this email address.


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