Pokémon Shirts - Men's Shirt Size

* This size chart is only for Men's Pokémon Shirt sizes (2019/12/16~)

* The sizes displayed (JP, US, EU, UK, XXS〜5XL, 32~58) are merely for convenience and are only applicable to Pokémon Shirts.

* We do not accept cancellations, returns, exchanges or re-sizings due to customer convenience (i.e.The actual product was different than imagined, accidentally placed the order, or chose an incorrect size, etc.).
Please be sure to check all the measurements and information before completing your order.

* The sizes shown in inches are approximate figures, which were converted from centimeters then rounded up to the closest figure in inches. 


 1. Men's Pokémon Dress Shirt
Neck size and long sleeve length can be chosen from several size options. 
Please see the "How-to" videos below (bottom of page) to measure neck and sleeves.



2. Men's Pokémon Casual Shirt  


3. Men's Pokémon Hawaiian Shirt




Body Measurement Reference

The measurements referenced in the chart below are body measurements, not shirt sizes.
See the chart below for a reference to which shirt size might fit you.

**Note: This chart is merely for reference and does not guarantee the shirt will fit 100% to your body type. Screen_Shot_2019-12-16_at_11.50.44.png


Size Reference

1. Men's Pokémon Dress Shirt
Most suitable in a business setting. The men's Pokémon Dress shirt is the most customizable product of three offered for men with the ability to customize the neck and long sleeve length.

Mens_dress_sz01.JPG  mens_dress_sz03.JPG

Mens_dress_sz04.JPG  Mens_dress_sz07.JPG


2. Men's Pokémon Casual Shirt
Built with a looser-fitting shape than the men's Pokémon dress shirts, you can wear this both in a business and casual setting.

Mens_casual_sz02.JPG  Mens_casual_sz04.JPG mens_casual_sz06.JPG  Mens_casual_sz09.JPG 


3. Men's Pokémon Hawaiian Shirt
With an open collar and relaxed feel, our men's Pokémon Hawaiian Shirt is the most relaxed shirt among the 3 shirt types.

Mens_hawaiian_sz01.JPG  mens_hawaiian_sz03.JPG

mens_hawaiian_sz05.JPG  mens_hawaiian_sz07.JPG




How to Measure 

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