Why buy from Original Stitch instead of retail?

You can design your custom dress shirt exactly the way you want it. You can order your custom tailored dress shirt from the comfort of your home, saving yourself valuable time otherwise spent driving, visiting retail shops, and trying on numerous shirts for fit.

Our Shirt Designer is fun and easy to use. You can design a totally unique dress shirt in minutes with just a few clicks. Customize such features as collar type, cuff style, placket fabric, monogram location and so much more. You can also get inspiration from our pre-designed shirt here: originalstitch.com/categories. 

Our custom dress shirts are made in Japan from 100% cotton. We offer a wide range of styles and fabrics options, including wrinkle-resistant. Our service is also backed by an amazing client services team that is happy to help answer any questions you may have. It sure beats going to the store!

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