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■ What level of customization do you offer?
We want you to be creative with your dress shirt designs and offer a large variety of buttons, collars, cuff configurations, pockets, pleats, contrast stitching, and monogramming options.
In fact, we have over 1 billion possibilities of unique men's dress shirt designs.

Click here to see a list of all customization options and styles we offer.

■ What type of collars and cuffs styles do you offer?
We offer a wide range of collar styles for you to choose from.
We continue to add more styles so you can design a truly unique shirt that express your unique personality. You can take a look at all the types of collar styles we offer here: http://originalstitch.com/styles

■ What types of fabrics do you use?
We use only 100% pure natural cotton for our men's dress shirts.
Our fashion professionals hand select the most beautiful and rare fabrics -- selections that are updated every season.
You can see a list of all fabrics and its detail properties and specification here.

■ Do you offer Non-Iron, Non-Wrinkles, Easy-Care Fabrics?
We do offer many wrinkle-resistant fabrics.
We also carry a line of fabrics that are a cotton and polyester bland that are non-iron and moisture wicking. Visit our fabrics profiles page and click on 'Wrinkle Resistant' or 'Hybrid Sensors' under the 'Features' drop-down menu to see a list of all wrinkle-resistant and hybrid sensor fabrics.

■ How do I know that my shirt will fit?
Original Stitch dress shirts are tailored specifically to your measurement profile.
We utilize a traditional system used by tailors, a well-tested algorithm, and your neck, sleeve, chest, and waist measurements to make sure you get a great fit.

■ Do you offer women's shirts?
Women can absolutely wear our shirts!
However, our pattern and standard sizes are men's sizing so they will fit and feel a bit different than a standard shirt that is tailored for women.
If you have any questions about how to get the best fit, you can touch base with our client relations team at support@originalstitch.com.
They would be happy help determine the best size for you.

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